Evolving Into a Global Brand With Shiri Hellmann – EP 111

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Evolving Into a Global Brand With Shiri Hellmann

In Episode 111 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the breaking news that Bronto, an email marketing software, coming to an end in May of 2022. They discuss how Bronto was overtaken with other options due to the overcrowding of the email marketing space. They commented that market leaders can never become too attached to their software. Tyler and Jon also mention that the team at Fidelitas are more than happy to help with migrating over from Bronto to any other platform. (See FidelitasDevelopment.com for details)

Then Tyler introduces Shiri Hellmann, The Vice President of Marketing at SodaStream. Hellman dishes on her career path leading up to leading SodaStream's US marketing. Tyler and Shiri go on to discuss the different factors of her marketing strategy working for an independent company versus being a part of a global brand entity like Pepsi. In addition, Shiri gives some insight into how to market the same product with various global narratives. Shiri ends the podcast by providing listeners with a key takeaway: to have fun, because if you don’t have fun it’s not going to be worth it. There are ups and downs, but by the end of the day you have to want to get up again. 

Join Tyler, Jon, and Shiri for insight into the role of global brand marketing and communications strategies and ways to be creative when faced with various marketing challenges and opportunities.

00:00 - Introduction
06:09- Featured Guest: Shiri Hellmann
06:27 - Shiri’s Career Path
08:05 - Strategy Differences Between An Independent Company And A Global Brand
12:05 - Nuances of a Communication Strategy For a Global Brand
14:20 - Differences Between Marketing the Same Product In Different Countries
17:22 - SodaStream Through the Pandemic
20:30 - New Channels That SodaStream Is Investing In
24:17 - Creative Process of SodaStream and Shiri's Approach To The Brand's Messaging
27:06 - Advice For Younger Marketers
29:27 - Differences Between Agency Life and Brand Life
33:07 - Key Takeaway
37:05 - Outro


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