Ep 13: Integrating Your Sales and Marketing Teams | Michael McMillan

In Episode 13 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Michael McMillan discusses the necessity for businesses to integrate their sales and marketing teams. Mike begins by sharing some of his background and experiences that led him to find a strategy that has proven to be successful in integrating two seemingly opposing teams and getting them to work together to generate more revenue.


Ep 12: Kickstarting a Brand | Dan Farris

In Episode 12 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, listeners get a sneak peak into what it takes for kickstarting a brand. Dan Farris, CEO and founder of MODRN MAN, shares the motivation behind starting this new venture, the process of launching his products, as well as some of the challenges he has encountered along the way.


Ep 10: Tackling PR With The LA Chargers | Scott Yoffe

In Episode 10 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, we’re tackling PR with the LA Chargers’ Assistant Director of PR, Scott Yoffe. Scott shares his experience working in the sports industry by telling his story about how he first started working with the San Diego Chargers.

SEO Trends, Tips, & Tricks | Kenny Soto

Ep 8: SEO Trends, Tips, & Tricks | Kenny Soto

In Episode 8 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our guest, Kenny Soto, offers insight on SEO trends and shares some tips for marketing leaders. Kenny works to identify who the clients’ target audience is and then crafts the right marketing strategy to attract customers through Google and other digital channels.


Ep 6: Stronger Social Content & Search | Jeff Johnson

In Episode 6 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Jeff Johnson, offers insight into stronger content, social, & search as well as what small business owners and marketing teams can do to overcome them. Jeff begins by narrating his experiences working with small businesses and how this influenced him to launch The National Association for Small Business Digital Marketing (SBDM).