Ep 35: The Future of SEO and the Search for Profitable Growth.


The future of SEO and the Search for Profitable Growth.

In Episode 35, Rand Fishkin, Founder and former CEO of Moz, Founder of SparkToro and author of the book Lost and Founder, talks about SEO and his new startup.
Rand starts off by talking about his background in the digital marketing world and his start in creating Moz. He shares an important lesson from his book about growing a company and elaborates on the necessary changes that come with exponential growth. Rand and Tyler also dish on company culture and how it is important to accept cultural change over time.
Tyler and Rand go on to discuss how to build a SAAS brand and the importance of perfecting your product before launching it publically. He also brings up how Google Search is taking clicks away from search results and what the impact is for the future of search engine optimization. Rand also talks with Tyler about voice search optimization and the next big opportunities in SEO.
Rand ends the conversation by talking all things StarkToro and his strategy for building the brand, as well as his key advice for listeners.
Join Tyler, Andy, and Rand in this conversation on SEO and the Digital Marketing world.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – What’s in the News | Instagram TV
07:58 – Featured Guest | Rand Fishkin
08:16 – Rand’s Start in Search
11:04 – Growing a Company
15:15 – Company Culture
18:52 – Growing a SAAS Brand
23:15 – Future of Search
27:36 – Google Search
29:49 – Content Creation for SEO
34:14 – Voice Search Optimization
36:26 – Next Big Opportunities for SEO
38:30 – SparkToro
45:31 – Building a Team and Formal Education
49:50 – Strategy for Building the SparkToro Brand
52:13 – Key Take Away
53:51 – Outro 


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