Adaptive Marketing: Tourism Post Pandemic – EP 116

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Adaptive Marketing: Tourism Post Pandemic

In Episode 116 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the email marketing changes coming with the upcoming Apple IOS 15 update. In addition, they talk about the potential changes that marketing teams will adopt as email privacy increases with IOS 15’s new features.
Stay tuned to hear Tyler talk with Brian Hilemon, the Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships for the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA). Brian and Tyler discuss how San Diego and the SDTA have adjusted their marketing strategy of San Diego’s tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the SDTA’s strategy as the city begins to reopen. Brian also discusses the indicators that he looks for when considering marketing efficacy for the SDTA. Finally, Brian and Tyler examine how marketing should and can empower partnering organizations to help drive business growth. Brian’s key takeaway is for marketing teams always to put the customer first and make marketing decisions with that mentality.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Brian for insight into how Apple is changing the world of email marketing and a lesson on how the San Diego Tourism Authority structured its marketing strategies during and after the pandemic.

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - What’s in the News: IOS 15 Updates' Effect on Email Marketing
10:16 - Featured Guest: Brian Hilemon
12:01 - How the SDTA Navigated the Pandemic
17:51 - San Diego’s Marketing Points
19:09 - Brian’s International Marketing Strategy
23:00 - Brian’s Favorite Marketing Channels
24:01 - Key KPIs for SDTA
25:05 - Comic-Con 2021 News
26:59 - Empowering SDTA Partners from a Marketing Perspective
29:30 - Brian’s Key Takeaway
30:36 - Outro


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