Optimizing The Customer Experience – EP 117

optimizing the customer experience podcast episode

Optimizing the Customer Experience

In Episode 117 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon introduce and discuss Google’s new three-strike ad policy and its potential effects on the marketing space. In addition, they talk about the possible implications and changes marketing teams may undergo due to Google’s new policy.

Stay tuned to hear Tyler talk with Michael McMillan, the CEO of ProximoCX and BizSprints. Michael and Tyler talk about the importance of customer experience when developing marketing strategies and discuss several examples of poor and excellent CX strategies. Michael also emphasizes several reasons why marketing leaders should be paying particular attention to CX this coming holiday season. Finally, Michael and Tyler examine how people can pursue careers in CX and the impact they can make in those positions. Michael’s key takeaway for marketing leaders is to spend more time with customer experience teams, and the reward will be 100-fold.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Michael for insight into how Google’s new policy is changing up the marketing landscape and a lesson on how important customer experience is for marketing leaders now and in the future.

00:00 - Intro
01:16 - What’s in the News: Google’s New Three-Strike Ad Policy
08:16 - Featured Guest: Michael McMillan
09:15 - CX’s Role in Marketing Strategies
12:12 - Key Indicators to Consider in CX
15:05 - Biggest CX Mistakes Companies Make
16:45 - Examples of Good CX Strategy
24:32 - Talent Shortage in Retail and Commerce in Q4
30:20 - Michael’s Advice for Marketing Leaders This Holiday Season
33:30 - What it takes to Become a CXO
36:56 - Michael’s Key Takeaway
38:37 - Outro


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