Tune into your Turbulence with Monique Maley – EP 118


Tune into your Turbulence with Monique Maley, President of Articulate Persuasion

In Episode 118 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon break down NBC’s new partnership with Yahoo for CTV ads. Tyler and Jon discuss the benefits of doubling down on connected TV opportunities and expect to see an influx of DTC brands allocating marketing dollars to. Then Tyler is joined by our featured guest, Monique Maley, to discuss navigating turbulence in your communication as a marketer as well as building confidence within your team.

In our discussion with Monique, the President of Articulate Persuasion, she shares how her unique history and training as an actress have helped her understand the power of connection with an audience. It’s all about messaging. Who are you trying to connect with? The connection amongst internal teams is just as important as brands connecting to their audience. Monique states the value of mindful communication as a leader and emphasizes the many benefits of authentic confidence and how to achieve it.

Monique’s key takeaway encourages marketing leaders to focus on their blind spots in their current roles. After identifying what's in your blind spot, you'll have the clarity to take the next step in achieving your goals.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Monique to gain insight on navigating the turbulence in your life and career, and learn how you can take the next steps in achieving your goals through better communication and building authentic confidence.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - In the News: NBC Partners with Yahoo for DSP Ads
06:30 - Featured Guest: Monique Maley
07:15 - Monique’s Acting History
09:13 - Discussion of Turbulence
12:20 - Identifying Turbulence and Addressing It
16:05 - Being Understood as a Marketing Leader
18:10 - Internal and External Confidence
21:38 - Developing Authentic Confidence
23:58 - Writing as a Marketer
30:23 - Monique’s Key Takeaway
32:47 - Outro


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