A/B Testing: The Value of Split Testing Your Landing Pages – EP 119

the value of ab testing landing pages

A/B Testing: The Value of Split Testing Your Landing Pages

In Episode 119 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the exciting prospects of Bing’s upcoming new features. Then, stay tuned to hear Tyler talk with Zach Rego, the VP of Sales & Marketing of Unstack, which helps companies develop landing pages that convert customers. Zach and Tyler discuss the elements that make up an effective landing page and consider marketing leaders’ biggest mistakes when creating landing pages. They also consider great company landing pages examples while examining Unstack’s own content marketing strategy.

Tyler and Zach ultimately examine how influencer marketing could expand potential marketing channels. Zach’s key takeaway is never to overlook A/B testing, as it is critical to developing an effective marketing channel.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Zach for a glimpse into the process of landing page development, Bing’s future prospects, and the future of untapped marketing channels.

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - What’s in the News: Bing’s New Features
08:09 - Featured Guest: Zach Rego
10:00 - eCommerce vs. Traditional Landing Pages
11:25 -  What to Pay Attention to for Increase Conversion Rates
13:27 - Landing Page Mistakes Marketing Leaders Make
15:22 - Brands Doing Landing Pages Right
17:25 - Unstack’s Content Marketing Strategy
19:27 - Zach’s Next Steps: Influencer Marketing
22:20 - Unstack’s Ideal Customer
23:50 - Zach’s Key Takeaway
26:25 - Outro


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