Maintaining Effective Operations with Joshua Johnston – EP 120

joshua johnston

Maintaining Effective Operations with Joshua Johnston

In Episode 120 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the recent events causing Peleton’s stock to drop and the importance of ensuring product placement opportunities aren’t detrimental to a brand’s image.
Tyler is joined by Josh Johnston, founder of 321 Pocket Ops, to discuss how to effectively scale operations, the effects of inflation and the talent acquisition war on the PR and marketing landscape, and tips for brands on evaluating the agencies they partner with. 

Josh’s final thought to listeners is to utilize P&L as the main metric as success in lieu of attribution as challenges loom for the industry. Josh emphasizes the importance of transparency for both brands and agencies to build strong relationships with one another. 

Join Tyler, Jon, and Josh for insight on how brands and agencies can maximize the value of their strategic marketing partnerships. 

00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Peloton: Stock Drop, Marketing Efforts, and Product Placement
09:00 – Josh Johnston Introduced
13:55 – How To Scale Exponentially Overnight
15:45 – State of the PR and Marketing Landscape
17:25 – Identifying Dishonest Agencies and the Importance of P&L Reporting
21:04 – Determining What Marketing Efforts to Outsource
22:50 – Specialist Agencies vs Full-Service Agencies
25:54 – Where Are Agencies Missing the Mark?
27:20 – Who is Winning the Talent Acquisition War?
30:25 – How Inflation Affecting Agencies
34:35 – This to Consider When Scaling Your Business
36:15 – Key Takeaway


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