Strengthening Community & Fan Loyalty Through TBL with David Magley – EP 121

David Magley

Strengthening Community & Fan Loyalty Through TBL with David Magley

In Episode 121 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss Fidelitas’ purchase of the San Diego Sharks. Listen as Tyler and Jon explain the design overhaul, from a new website to the team colors and fan experience.

Then Tyler introduces David Magley, former NBA player and current President of The Basketball League. During his interview, David explains the core differences between TBL and the minor league, what makes TBL players so special, and why these teams are so sustainable—more so than some pro teams. He discusses what, across the league, is working to bring fans out to games and to create loyalty.

David talks about how TBL is aiming to close gaps within the communities they’re a part of, how doing so can lead to massive expansion, and why a league doesn’t need the revenue dollars of the NBA behind it to be successful.

Finally, hear David explain how TBL is the first pro league to take on decentralization, switching their Atlanta team over to 100% NFT ownership, and how it’s giving fans a say on everything from uniforms to arenas.


00:00 - Intro
01:02 - We Bought a Basketball Team
06:40 - How We’re Building a Fan Base For Free
11:35 - Introducing David Magley
12:03 - What Is The Basketball League?
15:58 - How The Basketball League is like Jimmy John’s
24:18 - The Basketball League’s Biggest Opportunity
29:18 - Using NFTs to Buy a Basketball Team
34:55 - The Future of The Basketball League and Fantasy Sports
37:53 - Key Takeaway
41:14 - Outro



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