Marketing Agency Red Flags – EP 122

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Marketing Agency Red Flags with John Doherty

In Episode 122 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the upcoming addition of a cheaper, ad-supported Disney Plus subscription tier. Listen as Tyler and Jon weigh the potential pros and cons of the types of ads Disney will display and how this could make them the highest earning streaming platform.

Then Tyler introduces John Doherty, a digital marketer and founder of Credo. During his interview, John discusses the path he took that led to him founding Credo, why companies are looking more toward utilizing agencies rather than employing full marketing teams, and some red flags to look for if you’re a client.

John discusses what separates the winners from the losers among agencies looking for new clients and why being creative with your client’s ad budget is vital in our current economy.

Finally, hear John explain his strategies for growing Credo, what he believes separates the marketing amateurs from the marketing professionals, and what he would look for when hiring an agency.


00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Ad-Supported Disney Plus
13:43 - John Doherty, Founder of Credo
24:32 - Winners and Losers
31:40 - Growing Credo
42:40 - Key Takeaway
47:54 - Outro



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