Strategies for Post-Pandemic Performance Marketing – EP 123

image of episode 23 Bobby Macauley

Strategies for Post-Pandemic Performance Marketing

In Episode 123 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss Google’s launch of Performance Max (PMax), which will go into effect this September. They explain how PMax rolls multiple Google apps into one platform, allowing marketers to manage campaigns from one location and leverage Google’s machine learning to maximize their creative ability. 

Then Tyler introduces Bobby Macauley, Director of Performance Marketing at ALOHA. Bobby explains his role at ALOHA and how Hawaiian culture influences the company’s culture and products. 

In their discussion, Tyler and Bobby examine recent trends and changes in performance marketing as Bobby shares his favorite marketing tools and strategies post-Covid. 

To end the episode, Bobby gives his key takeaway: “test everything… keep testing”, and talks about the importance of testing in marketing.

00:00 - Intro
01:05 -What’s in the News: Google Performance Max
04:50 - Featured Guest: Bobby Macauley, Director of Performance Marketing at ALOHA
05:12 - Bobby explains the story of ALOHA and his role at the company
07:49 - Changes in performance marketing since Covid
11:05 - The effects of iOS 14.5 on digital marketing and the need for attribution software
13:50 - What’s working right now in performance marketing
17:45 - Bobby’s favorite marketing software
21:00 - Advice for new media buyers in light of recent changes
23:20 - The biggest mistakes in performance marketing
26:20 - What’s next in performance marketing?
29:50 - Key Takeaway
31:10 - Outro Music



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