Consumer Marketing Tips in the Cannabis Industry – EP 114

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Consumer Marketing Tips in the Cannabis Industry

In Episode 114 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the news that Twitter may offer a subscription in the near future. Twitter recently acquired Scroll, a membership-based platform that curates articles from different sites but posts the articles without the ads from the original pieces, providing the reader with a better user experience. Scroll has transitioned to a private beta, and Twitter plans to partner with Scroll to offer this service as a part of their potential subscription offering.
Tyler introduces Eric Rogers, CCO and Co-Founder of Levia, a Cannabis-infused beverage. Eric has a background in consumer marketing and saw an opportunity with cannabis beverages to break the stigma of Cannabis, and the idea of Levia was born. Levia creates an experience for consumers through a low-dose beverage that offers fast and predictable effects with their various product offerings.
Eric emphasizes the value of the consumer experience with their products, whether they’re new to the product or regular customers. The Levia team tackles the marketing challenges of the cannabis industry by turning those obstacles into opportunities. Eric explains that prioritizing the point-of-sale approach engages the existing customer who visits dispensaries to try a new product at a comparable price with what they are already likely to buy. Levia focuses on Budtender and customer education to drive their marketing and sales goals. Eric’s key takeaway for marketing leaders is to always start with the consumer. The more you know your consumer, the more successful you’ll be.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Eric as they divulge into the marketing strategy for an innovative product within the restrictions of the ever-changing cannabis industry!

00:00 - Introduction
01:15 - What’s in the News: Twitter Acquires Scroll
06:34 - Featured Guest: Eric Rodgers
08:58 - Levia's Branding Process
11:45 - The Effect of Legalization & Levia's Go-To-Market Strategy
13:59 - Priority Channels for Growth
15:32 - Point-Of-Sale Marketing Model
17:16 - Allocating Marketing Budget
18:56 Levia's Biggest Marketing Challenge
20:19 - Connected TV (CTV) & Ads for Cannabis-Based Products
20:49 - eCommerce Plans
23:03 - Traditional Retail vs. Scaling D2C
24:49 - Eric’s Key Takeaway
26:42 - Outro


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