The Rise of PürInstinct with Dominique Soucy – EP 113


The Rise of PürInstinct with Dominique Soucy

In Episode 113 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the news that Amazon has surpassed 10% of the US digital ad space market share. The pair examine the importance of paid Amazon search-marketing for eCommerce companies in their early years.

Then, Tyler introduces Dominique Soucy, the Founder of an emerging sport called PürInstinct. Combining basketball, football, soccer, and rugby, the no-contact sport is focused on critical thinking and quick decision making during gameplay. Dominique got the idea for PürInstinct when he saw how significant decision-making and critical thinking skills played a role in his performance as a basketball player and wanted to recreate the rush of excelling at a sport highlighting these skills.

Dominique lauds the importance of building a community around his sport, going so far as to say that the passion in his community is also the basis for his marketing strategy. Understandably, Dominique’s key takeaway is just that: focus on marketing to the close community around you to eventually build so much passion that players want to share your content with the world. Join Tyler, Jon, and Dominique for a deep dive into the future of new athletics, NFTs in the PR world, and the vital role of building community to support marketing endeavors.

00:00 - Introduction
00:58 - What’s in the News: Amazon Surpasses 10% of the US Digital Ad Market Share
07:17 - Featured Guest: Dominique Soucy
09:25 - PürInstinct
10:38 - Where did the idea for PürInstinct come from
16:57 - The Importance of Building a Community and Relationship with Potential Players
20:20 - Dominique’s End Game with PürInstinct
24:35 - The New Market of NFTs and PürInstinct
30:12 - Building a Community for PürInstinct
37:20 - Dominique’s Key Takeaway
39:54 - Outro


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