Ep 24: Ecommerce Trends and Tips with Andrea Ward


Ecommerce Trends and Tips with Andrea Ward

In Episode 24, Andrea Ward, Magento's Chief Marketing Officer, shares excellent insight on several ecommerce and marketing topics. Andrea speaks on Magento and it’s marketing strategies, Amazon being a product gateway for many eCommerce businesses, and what’s next for Ecommerce Marketing.

Andrea begins the conversation by sharing her path to Magento and about the company's culture. With her extensive expertise and previous experience at Oracle, she also speaks on the her first moments at Magento and early successes. Andrea believes in staying ahead of the curve by studying her competition’s trends and strategies.

Tyler and Andrea also talk about Amazon and why businesses should view the platform as a tool instead of competition. Tyler and Andrea go on to discuss the importance of great content and how a well-thought out, informative blog post is more impactful than a blog with content that lacks depth and leads nowhere. Andrea shares her marketing goals for the coming year and tells us what’s next for Ecommerce marketing.

The conversation ends with Andrea’s insightful advice on how eCommerce is changing rapidly. The right platform is key to a company’s Ecommerce success, and Andrea explains that Magento has a passion for providing customers with the best tools to grow their businesses.

Join Tyler, Michelle, and Andrea in this conversation on Magento’s Business Intelligence, what’s next for eMarketing, and what Marketing strategies to take on in 2018.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – What’s in the News | H&M's No Good, Very Bad Day
04:45 – Featured Guest Intro | Andrea Ward
05:06 – Andrea Ward and Magento 
05:50 – Marketing Challenges: From Oracle to Magento 
07:15 – Repositioning the Magento Brand 
08:20 – Building Magento’s Marketing Strategy  
10:35 – Magento’s Business Intelligence
11:45 – Early Successes - Kicks USA 
13:23 – Staying Ahead of the Competition 
16:12 – Amazon: Product Gateway
18:32 – Magento Commerce 
22:15 – FAQs to Blog Articles 
25:44 – Marketing Goals for 2018
27:38 - Biggest Missed Marketing Opportunity in Ecommerce 
28:50 - What’s Next for Ecommerce Marketing
29:59 - Magento Community and Brand Growth
33:14 - Events and Marketing Strategies
35:15 - 2018 IRCE Conference 
36:22 - Pop Up Shops and Retail Brands 
38:00 - Magento Advantages Over Competitors 
40:55 - Re-Platforming Advice 
44:13 - Key Take Away
45:15 - Outro

Featured Guests

Andrea Ward |Magento's Chief Marketing Officer 

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