Ep 23: The OIA is a Marketing Force with Gareth Martins & Alex Lemley


The OIA is a Marketing Force

In Episode 23, Gareth Martins, Director of Marketing and Alex Lemley, Marketing Manager at the Outdoor Industry Association, discuss their roles at Outdoor Industry Association. Both Gareth and Alex share insight into the OIA and it’s purpose. The pair goes on to discuss Outdoor Retailer's signature event in 2018 and talk about social media strategies that have worked for them.

Gareth and Alex start off by sharing what the Outdoor Industry Association is all about and how impactful the organization is in regards to helping preserve public lands and monuments. They speak on the Together We’re a Force campaign and how that has led outdoor retailers and organizations to rally together around the issue of public land preservation.

Tyler, Gareth and Alex also discuss the Outdoor Retail Event in 2018 that will be held in Denver for the first time. They talk about the events leading up to moving the OR show from Salt Lake City and how it has gained a lot of interest from those who are attending. Gareth and Alex also speak on the digital marketing and social media strategy that they have implemented this year and how they have seen positive results from it, along with some of the OIA’s marketing goals for 2018.

Gareth and Alex end the conversation by giving key advice on always considering what you want to accomplish through marketing efforts, as well as knowing it is important to be relatable with the person you are targeting on the flip side of an email campaign.

Join Tyler, Michelle, Gareth, and Alex in this conversation about the OIA and how they're leveraging marketing to enhance their impact on the outdoor industry.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – What’s in the News | Patagonia suing President Trump 
04:56 – Featured Guests Intro | Gareth and Alex
05:40 – Gareth and Alex’s role at the OIA
06:03 – What is the OIA and it’s Purpose
08:43 – Together We Are A Force Campaign
09:45 – Leveraging Cause Marketing 
11:46 – Antiquities Act: Protect Public Land and Monuments
12:58 – IRCE 2018 Conference 
14:05 -  Outdoor Retail Event 2018
15:34 – Challenges in Moving OR Show to Denver 
16:55 – Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy  
18:07 – Biggest Marketing Challenges 
19:19 – OIA Marketing Goals for 2018 
24:08 – Key Take Away

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