Ep 22: Ninjas, Airplane Cocktails, AOL Instant Messenger, and Digital Marketing with Marcus Murphy


Ninjas, Airplane Cocktails, AOL Instant Messenger, and Digital Marketing featuring Marcus Murphy

In Episode 22, Marcus Murphy, Vice President of Monetization at Digital Marketer, shares his expertise on several topics from recruiting the right talent, sales and marketing teams, and what’s working across the marketing landscape.

Marcus starts us off by talking about the birth of Digital Marketer and his path to his position at DM. He shares his expertise on hiring the right candidates, what healthy marketing and sales teams look like, and how critical recruiting the right talent is for an organization. Marcus explains that having the right people at the start can have a great impact on the future. He goes on to discuss the relationships he has with his top performers and team leaders at Digital Marketer and dishes on how he integrates Digital Marketer’s marketing practices with his own team.

Tyler and Marcus also discuss what’s working across the marketing landscape and how marketing leaders are succeeding. He also talks of the differences between Sales and Marketing teams and how the two go hand in hand, yet at the same time have completely different roles. Marcus shares his thoughts on social media platforms and which popular platform is destined to fail. He gives us a snippet of whats to come at the Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Marcus ends the conversation by giving his key advice on hiring talented and thoughtful leaders that will have a great impact on your marketing and sales teams.

Join Tyler, Michelle, and Marcus in this conversation on Digital Marketer practices, hiring the right talent, and the marketing landscape at-large.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – What’s in the News | Black Friday & Cyber Monday
04:50 – Featured Guest Intro | Marcus Murphy
05:48 – Marcus’ role at Digital Marketer
06:22 – Birth of Digital Marketer
08:24 – Digital Marketer and their Products
11:00 – Ninjas and Airplane Cocktails
12:33 – Hiring Marketing and Sales Teams
15:18 – Recruiting the Right Talent
19:20 – Integrating DM’s Marketing Practices
23:00 – Top Performers and Team Leaders
27:15 – Perpetual Traffic
29:02 – What’s Working Across the Marketing Landscape
33:45 – Sales Vs Marketing
35:09 – Internal Systems at Digital Marketer
38:41 – Impact of Drift
40:53 – Marketing Strategy with Fidelitas Development
42:55 – LinkedIn Advisory Board
44:21 – Social Media Platforms
49:05 – The Demise of AIM
51:38 – What is Destined to Fail: SnapChat
54:29 - Slack and AIM
57:34 - Traffic and Conversion Summit
1:02:48 - Key Take Away
1:03:20 - Outro

Featured Guests

Marcus Murphy | VP of Monetization at Digital Marketer

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