Ep 21: The State of Retail and eCommerce Marketing with Cristina Ceresoli


The State of Retail and eCommerce Marketing featuring Cristina Ceresoli

In Episode 21, Cristina Ceresoli, Senior VP or Retail Strategy at the National Retail Federation, elaborates on retail and eCommerce marketing and the path it has taken over recent years. Cristina shares insight on the effect of building brand love, personalized pricing, and dishes on retail and agency partnerships.

Cristina starts off by talking about her background in the retail industry at brands like Express and Aeropostale before and joining the NRF in 2017. She later discusses the plight of shopping malls and where retail marketing is headed. Cristina also speaks on personalized pricing and how small improvements in your marketing campaign can create future growth.

Tyler and Cristina also discuss retail and agency partnerships and the importance of Brand relationships. She also brings up the challenges in the retail industry and how successful retailers are overcoming these obstacles. Cristina shares some big opportunities for marketers in 2018 and what to expect in Q4 from the retail industry at-large.

Cristina ends the conversation by giving her key advice on how retailers can benefit greatly from gathering data and use of advanced analytics.

Join Tyler and Michelle in this conversation on the state of retail and eCommerce marketing and an expert outlook at the retail industry in 2018.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:26 – What’s in the News | Death of Traditional Display Ads?
06:09 – Featured Guest | Cristina Ceresoli
06:42 – Cristina’s Role at NRF
07:44 – Path to Senior VP
09:20 – Has Retail Really Changed?
11:35 – Building Brand Love at Express
14:30 – How Do We Save the Shopping Malls?
16:55 – Shop.Org Recap
20:28 – Personalized Pricing
22:44 – Consumer Pricing Discrimination
24:20 – Retail and Agency Partnerships
26:37 – Opportunities for Marketers in 2018
27:29 – Importance of Brand Relationships
29:23 – Challenges of the Retail Industry
31:56 – Balance & Growth of Online Presence
34:55 – What to Expect in Q4 from Retail
39:16 – 2018 NRF Big Show
40:39 – Key Take Away
44:17 – Outro

Featured Guests

Cristina Ceresoli | Senior VP of National Retail Federation



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