Ep 20: The Future of Experiential Marketing with Vntana’s Ashley Crowder


The Future of Experiential Marketing with Vntana's Ashley Crowder

In Episode 20, Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder at Vntana, discusses Experiential Marketing and how it is changing as a whole. She shares her insight on Holograms and companies using it to their advantage, data and metrics with AI, and where marketing is headed.

Ashley begins the conversation talking about Vntana and how the company was born. She elaborates on the strong case studies that Vntana has established over the past couple of years and her favorite campaign. With her expertise with UGC and AI, she gives listeners insight on the challenges with hologram implementation and how to overcome them.

Tyler and Ashley also discuss the data and metrics side of AI implementation and how marketing leaders can use that data towards their own brands' research and goals. Ashley shares her overview of the Shop.Org conference and reveals pieces of what's to come with Vntana.

Ashley wraps the conversation by giving her key advice on staying ahead of the curve and that marketing leaders should try to be the first movers in using new technology like AI.

Join Tyler, Michelle, and Ashley in this exciting conversation of what the future of Experiential Marketing looks like and a sneak peek at what's to come with Vntana.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:07 – What’s in the News | Under Armour Q3 Sales Drop
06:45 – Featured Guest Intro | Ashley Crowder
07:39 – Ashley & Vntana
09:19 – Brands Using Vntana’s Technology
10:20 – Strong Case Studies with Vntana
11:45 – Holograms and Company Goals
13:40 – Ashley’s Favorite Achievement
14:26 – 5 Years Ago: Ashley’s Startup with Vntana
15:56 – Microsoft’s Kinect
18:10 – AI Hologram vs Virtual Performance
19:34 – Experiential Marketing Change as a Whole
21:20 – UGC and Experiential Marketing
22:00 – Challenges with Hologram Implementation
23:03 – Smaller Brands Using Vntana
25:01 – Data and Metrics with AI
25:43 – Sneak Peek with Vntana
26:42 – Shop.Org Overview
28:00 – Next Big Thing for Marketers
29:01 – Split Testing on Holograms
29:42 – Key Take Away
31:30 – Outro

Featured Guests

Ashley Crowder | CEO and Co-Founder at Vntanta


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