Ep 19: From Watches to Wallabies: Growing Ecommerce Startups with James Martinez


From Watches to Wallabies: Growing Ecommerce Startups with James Martinez

In Episode 19, James Martinez, eCommerce Manager at Safari Limited, a global eCommerce toy company, shares insight on the topic of eCommerce startups and having a great organizational plan.

James begins the conversation with his previous role at Invicta Watches and discusses the challenges and successes he had with the quick-rising watch brand. Fast forwarding to his present role at Safari Limited, James talks about his team at Safari and what makes a great team. With his experience in eCommerce startups, James also shares insights for crafting a marketing budget and having a sound eCommerce startup plan.

Tyler and James also discuss the next big opportunity for marketing leaders: improved conversion rates through new cutting edge technology. James also reveals his social media channels of choice and the rationale for his preferences. James goes on to share some of the challenges that he faces at Safari Limited today and how he's overcoming these new obstacles.

James wraps up the conversation by explaining that organization is key as a marketing leader. He recommends focusing on what will bring your brand revenue, making a priority list, and zoning in on the items that will bring you success.

Join Tyler and Michelle in this conversation around AdBlocker battling Facebook, eCommerce Startups, and getting organized as a marketing leader.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:56 – AdBlocker - New Technology for FB
05:40 – Featured Guest: James Martinez
06:35 – James, Safari Limited and Invicta
07:55 – The Team at Safari
08:40 – Recipe for eCommerce Startup
09:50 – Marketing Spend from Scratch
12:00 – Organization is Key
14:28 – Next Big Opportunity for Marketing Leaders
15:05 – Social Media Channels of Choice
16:14 – Success at Invicta
17:22 – Biggest Challenges at Safari
18:20 – Key Take Away
19:40 – Outro

Featured Guests

James Martinez | eCommerce Manager at Safari Limited




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