Ep 18: Marketing Startups: The Investor’s Point of View | Ashok Kamal


Marketing Startups: The Investor's Point of View featuring Ashok Kamal

In Episode 18, Ashok Kamal, Executive Director at Tech Coast Angels, elaborates on the topic of marketing startups and gives listeners quality advice of customer acquisition, having a great marketing plan, as well as ground rules of marketing. Ashok discusses several key points from an investor’s viewpoint.

Ashok opens the conversation by explaining his role at Tech Coast Angels and talks about what a great marketing plan looks like. With his experience in several organizations, Ashok also brings to light the most common marketing mistakes that plague startups. Ashok continues on about ground rules of marketing startups and best practices.

Tyler and Ashok also discuss due diligence and how professionals must manage their personal brands and reputations as well. They share that as founders and leaders, you are “the brand”, and people recognize and label your brand through your leadership, teams, and collective output. Ashok shares great advice about investing in personal values and finding companies that positively impact the world.

Ashok ends the conversation with his statement that “Traction trumps All." He shares that as founder, you are first and foremost a marketer. Early stage startups must show their worth and credibility; at the end of the day marketing leaders have to prove traction in order to increase demand.

Join Tyler and Michelle in this conversation of what makes a great marketing plan and the "secret sauce" to marketing startups

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:51 – What’s in the News | Social Media, LinkedIn
06:22 – Featured Guest Intro | Ashok Kamal
07:22 – Ashok and Tech Coast Angels
11:50 – Marketing Startups and Customer Acquisition
13:38 – Great Marketing Plan
15:25 – Startup Wins in Marketing
17:08 – Biggest Mistake in Marketing Startups
21:34 – Ground Rules and Best Practices
23:08 – What’s the Secret Sauce?
25:05 – Due Diligence
28:26 – Professional Values
31:12 – Marketing Tech Coast Angels
33:50 – Key Take Away
34:55 – Keep in Touch
36:09 – Outro

Featured Guests

Ashok Kamal | Executive Director
Tech Coast Angels


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