Ep 17: Kicking Around eCommerce Marketing with Puma | Paul Dailey


Kicking Around eCommerce Marketing with Puma featuring Paul Dailey

In Episode 17, Paul Dailey, Puma’s Senior Manager of Global Brand Marketing, gives us great insight on the impact of global marketing, how to successfully run a marketing campaign as well as integrating retail with eCommerce. With his expertise and leadership in Commercial Marketing, Paul explains the importance of global ambassadors and the relationship between customers and celebrity icons.

Paul discusses the future of eCommerce and several other great topics, including his role at Puma, and dives deeper into commercial marketing and the history of the Puma brand. He explains how collaborating with celebrities creates a culture for Puma’s audience that stimulates how customers purchase their product. Paul elaborates by talking about “On Ground Influencers” and how being mindful of customer groups is key.
Paul and Tyler also discuss the growth in building relationships with agency partners and how the two can be a great source for each other. Paul shares great advice about "simplifying the explanation" to customers and what keeps his mind spinning with eCommerce Marketing.

Paul wraps things up with insight on the eCommerce industry and what it will look like in a few years. He shares how, in this industry, it is an ever-evolving cost to learn and that as marketers, we need to grasp the concept that we will never have all the answers but should look toward the goal of understanding our customers through intentional relationships.

Join Tyler and Kyle in this conversation of Commercial/Global Marketing and making the most of successful marketing campaigns.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Joke
01:15 – What’s in the News | Popup Ads and Google Ad Experience
10:55 – Featured Guest Intro | Paul Dailey
11:10 – Paul's Role at Puma
12:05 – Commercial Marketing and Brand History
15:25 – Making the Most of Collaboration with Global Celebrities
17:10 – Ambassadors and Puma
19:30 – On Ground Influencers
22:23 – Building the Team at Puma
26:24 – Being Mindful of Customer Groups
29:20 – Successful Marketing Campaigns
35:02 – It’s About the Customer
37:18 – Integrating Retail with eCommerce
40:55 – Building Relationships with Agency Partners
44:40 – How Can an Agency be Better
47:25 – Simplify the Explanation
49:27 – What Keeps You Up At Night?
51:55 – eCommerce: 2 Years from Now
55:12 – Key Take Away
58:06 – Keep in Touch with Pauly Dailey
1:01:00 – Kyle’s Announcement

Featured Guests

Paul Dailey | Senior Manager of Global Commercial Marketing and eCommerce


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