Ep 16: Taking Note of Marketing Best Practices with Evernote | Andrew Malcolm


Taking Note of Marketing Best Practices with Evernote featuring Andrew Malcom

In Episode 16, Andrew Malcolm, Evernote's CMO, elaborates on the global impact that apps have on people and businesses alike. With marketing leadership experience across several industries, Andrew has an extensive background on SaaS- his knowledge and expertise helped Skype reach new heights at the peak of its powers. In this episode of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, Andrew discusses the future of Evernote and a host of other topics, including where we're headed with AI.

Andrew describes his role at Evernote, as well as his path to his current role at one of the global leaders in digital notation. He explains the value of finding the perfect moment to speak to an audience. Andrew elaborates by sharing how to engage an audience on a budget and fighting the battle of conversion. He then emphasizes the necessity of utilizing a “give more than you take” approach: adding value to your product or service allows for users to exchange and pay for the value created for them.

Andrew and Tyler also discuss the Dead Unicorn label bestowed upon Evernote and how Andrew and his team overcame that stigma. Andrew shares the story of the founder of Evernote and the SaaS platform's origins, and how inspirational stories can impact a brand and the people working on its behalf. Andrew gives his insight on marketing SaaS products and how that whole distinction is being broken down. He then goes on discussing the importance of internal/external marketing teams and how Agile project management can lift a team's productivity.

Andrew wraps things up with his thoughts on marketing and where the industry is headed. He goes on to share how people use apps such as Evernote to share their stories, and that is the platform's greatest achievement.

Join Tyler and Kyle in this conversation around marketing a SaaS and Evernote's rise to prominence.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Joke
1:34 – What’s in the News | Brands use Instagram vs. Snapchat
06:12 – Featured Guest Intro | Andrew Malcolm
06:55 – Andrew’s Role at Evernote
08:17 – Find the Perfect Moment to Speak
10:25 – Engaging an Audience on a Budget
11:39 – Conversion Battle
12:54 – Diving into the Past | Senior Director at Skype
14:00 – Impact of Apps to Global Impact
15:22 – Origin of the name Skype
16:58 – Evernote: Empowering People and Business
19:37 – Converting to Paid Model Strategy
21:40 – Give More than You Take
22:30 – Evernote: The Dead Unicorn
25:42 – Marketing Saas Product vs. B2B
27:01 – Marketing Saas vs Other Product
28:10 – Internal/External Marketing Teams
30:35 – Agile
31:16 – Tips on Switching Management/Organizational Styles
32:23 – P&L | How Does It Impact Your Strategy
33:38 – Sleepless Nights: Ongoing Competition
35:00 – What’s Next for Evernote
36:40 – AI Impacting Evernote
39:23 – Next Trend for Marketing
43:01 – Key Take Away
45:22 – Keep in Touch with Andrew Malcolm
45:47 – Episode Outro

Featured Guests

Andrew Malcom | Chief Marketing Officer - Evernote


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