Ep 15: Searching for Better Digital Marketing with Google | Josh Weum


Searching for Better Digital Marketing with Google with Josh Weum

In Episode 15, Josh Weum, Digital Ambassador for Google Adwords, elaborates on the intricacies of SEO and PPC regarding Google. As an ambassador for Adwords, Josh has a deep understanding of SEO performance, YouTube campaigns, and of course, AdWords.

Josh starts off by describing his role at Google AdWords and weighing the pros and the cons of SEO vs PPC/SEM advertising. He goes on to explain the value of SEO in the long-run, comparing it to a locomotive needing to pick up speed, while relying on PPC/SEM in the short-term while SEO is gaining traction. He then emphasizes the necessity of targeting ads properly, ensuring that the ads posted are reaching the right audiences.

Josh also addresses the recent events with YouTube ads showing up on undesirable videos (like ISIS propaganda), explaining Google’s diligence in fixing the issue and preventing history from repeating itself. He then goes on explaining the expansion and increased depth in YouTube’s ability to target video ads to the ideal audience. Josh then addresses the eCommerce benefits of Google Shopping, elaborating on essential mobile shopping strategy is for etail brands, as well as utilizing new technology like 360º videos and virtual reality tours.

Josh wraps up the conversation with Tyler and Kyle by sharing his thoughts on marketing certain “restricted” products, such as firearms, elaborating upon restrictions on running paid ads for websites that sell these restricted products. He goes on to explain what’s in store for the future of Google search, dispelling any rumors of changes to Google’s home search page and explaining just why simplicity is so important.

Join us for an insightful conversation exploring Google Adwords and YouTube strategy, proper targeting techniques regarding Google, and how to utilize both your SEO and PPC/SEM campaigns in order the see your highest ROI.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Joke
01:07 – What’s in the News | Facebook 6 Second Video Ads
04:52 – Old Spice Bumper Ads
05:48 – Featured Guest Introduction | Josh Weum
06:30 – Josh’s Role at Google Adwords
07:08 – Prioritizing SEO vs. PPC
08:30 –SEO vs PPC regarding YouTube
10:40 – Questionable YouTube Ad Placement Story
13:36 – Where E-Commerce Brands Should be Focusing in the Future | Google Shopping
17:07 – B2B Trends
19:21 – Correlation Between Paid Ads and SEO rankings
21:38 – Mobile vs. Desktop Usage Trends in Google Channels
24:54 – Common Mistakes with SEO/SEM
26:37 – Google Advertising Regarding Firearms
28:55 – Getting Started with Digital Advertising
32:00 – What’s Next in Search?
35:40 – Benefits of Working with Google Partner | Fidelitas
39:32 – Google Homepage Rumors
40:59 – Benefits of Simplicity
42:32 – Key Takeaway
44:50 – Keep in Touch with Josh Weum
45:32 – Episode Outro

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