Ep 26: Munching on Marketing Advice with SnackNation’s Andy Mackensen


Munching on Marketing Advice with SnackNation's Andy Mackensen

In Episode 26, Co-founder and CMO of SnackNation, Andy Mackensen takes us through the start up of SnackNation and the challenges that he faced before the rise of the company. With his expertise in entrepreneurship, in this episode Andy speaks on building trust with customers, using content marketing to 10X your business and how strategic partnerships play a huge role in business growth.

Andy begins by giving background on SnackNation and what the business foundation is about. He shares how building relationships with leaders in business creates strategic partnerships that benefit both parties. Further on in the conversation Andy gives us his insight on what has worked for SnackNation so far in 2018 and the challenges they face with growth.

Andy and Tyler discuss the topic of building and managing personal brand and what business leaders should focus on more of the two. With the amount of work that occurs in businesses, Andy also gives advice on common conversion rate optimization mistakes. Andy leaves us with his key takeaway of staying ahead of the marketing game and focusing on the things that are timeless.

Join Tyler and Michelle in this episode on how to build 10X content marketing, strategic partnerships and best practices with lead scoring. Don’t forget to sign up for your SHHNAACKS!

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – What’s In the News | Google Announcement 
04:52 – Featured Guests Intro | Andy Mackensen
05:25 – Snack Nation 
06:30 – How Snack Nation Began its Success  
08:42 – Dollar Snack Club
09:37 – Building Trust With Customers
10:47 – 10X Content Marketing 
14:10 – Testimonials from Customers 
14:54 – IRCE  
16:19 – Strategic Partnerships 
22:47 – What is Working in 2018 
24:10 – Challenges in Growth 
27:00 – Building and Managing Personal Brand 
27:56 - Common Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes  
29:23 - Building Relationships with Podcasts 
30:41 - Best Practices in Lead Scoring 
34:19 - Key Takeaway 
36:30 - Outro

Featured Guests

Andy Mackensen | Co-Founder and CMO at SnackNation

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