Ep 27: Putting Bums in Seats with Nick James

Putting Bums in Seats: Event Marketing

Putting Bums in Seats: Event Marketing featuring Nick James

In Episode 27, Nick James, a business mentor and creator of Expert Empires, shares his journey of how Expert Empires began and the unique conferences that it brings to the UK each yearNick has hosted the likes of Grant Cardone and Ryan Deis from Digital Marketer, but he earned his way to the top through hard work and hustle. Nick takes us through the challenges and successes he’s endured. 
Nick starts us off on explaining where the idea came from to start Expert Empires. He tells us that from a young age he was already interested in event promotion and it sparked him to continue down this path. He goes on to  discuss how building your own brand authority is a key to success when creating an event with industry thought leaders. Nick dishes on his Bums on Seats Bootcamp and how effective that event has been for his brand authority. 
Nick and Tyler discuss the topic of starting an event from scratch, what that entails and how tough it really is no matter how easy it looks. Tyler and Nick cover some of the mistakes to avoid in event marketing, and both give great insights from their past endeavors.
Join Tyler and Michelle in this episode on building brand authority, SMS marketing tactics and mastering event marketing.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:48 – What’s In the News | Delta & the Olympic Team  
05:50 – Featured Guest Intro | Nick James 
06:19 – Expert Empires 
08:09 – Event Promotion 
09:10 – Building Own Brand Authority
10:50 – Secrets to Success 
13:32 – Bums On Seats Bootcamp 
14:40 – Difference in Marketing between UK and USA
16:07 – What's Working
19:26 - IRCE
21:52 – Starting an Event From Scratch 
24:29 – Mistakes to Avoid
26:47 – Key Take Away
27:40 – Outro

Featured Guests

Nick James  | Business Mentor and Creator at Expert Empires


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