Ep 28: Making Email Marketing Personal with Ryan Hofmann


Making Email Marketing Personal with Ryan Hofmann

In Episode 28, Ryan Hofmann, Listrak's Vice President of Strategic Market Solutions, shares his expertise on email marketing and personalization trends.

Ryan kicks off by explaining what Listrak is all about and what makes it unique in comparison with other platforms. He describes email as the major backbone of digital marketing and explains how utilizing it correctly can set your brand apart and bring in profits. Tyler and Ryan also dive into the topic of SMS and email messaging and the growth it has made since first appearing on the marketing scene back in 2003. Ryan also gives great insight on the difference between segmentation and personalization.

Ryan dishes on how Listrak will begin to implement AI into their platform and how AI is not something to move away from, but actually move towards. Ryan also reveals new features that are available for customers in 2018 and how it will benefit marketers. Further on in the episode, Ryan and Tyler discuss how building your customer list can be cumbersome, but Ryan gives great advice on how to build your list from scratch- the right way. Ryan finishes the episode with some great advice on testing, simply stating that “Testing is Investing.” Taking time to test properly will lead to better results over time, allowing marketing leaders to invest in what works.

Join Tyler and Michelle in this episode on email marketing, how to build your email list from scratch, and how Listrak will be implementing AI.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – What’s In the News | Facebook and Streaming   
06:40 – Featured Guests Intro | Ryan Hofmann 
07:25 – Listrak
09:00 – What Makes Listrak Unique 
11:18 – Email: The Backbone of Digital Marketing
14:50 – SMS and Email Messaging
18:39 – Segmentation and Personalization 
24:23 – Mistakes from Email Marketers 
29:12 – AI and Listrak 
37:05 – New Features for Customers 
42:52 – Building Your List from Scratch
46:45 – Rules of Engagement 
52:19 – Key Take Away
56:10 – Outro

Featured Guests

Ryan Hofmann | VP of Marketing Solutions

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