Ep 29: Thinking Outside the Subscription Box with Kevin Tighe


Thinking Outside the Subscription Box featuring Kevin Tighe

In Episode 29, Kyle Tighe, Co-Founder and CEO of Surf Shop Box, discusses various marketing strategies to create brand awareness and Surf Shop Box's unique subscription model. He shares his insight on building a brand from scratch, establishing partnerships, and marketing to two different target audiences.

Kyle begins by providing background information on Surf Shop Box and how the business operates. He shares that building relationships with both established and emerging brands presents efficient marketing for the businesses while exposing customers to a variety of quality surf apparel.

Tyler and Kyle also discuss different acquisition channels that work best for Surf Shop Box, including the use of influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram. In regards to the subscription model, Kyle advises listeners to discover what's most effective for both the company and its customers.

The conversation wraps up with Kyle sharing his key takeaway: subscription commerce is an extremely powerful business model. Overall, Kyle explains that there are many opportunities for marketing leaders to apply this concept to their own businesses.

Join Tyler, Michelle, and Kyle in this conversation about their subscription box model as they explain how Surf Shop Box implements its own unique strategies.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – What’s In the News | Google’s Mobile-First Index   
03:44 – Featured Guests Intro | Kevin Tighe 
03:53 – Surf Shop Box
06:06 – Subscription Box Model
11:08 – Building a Brand from Scratch 
13:55 – Niche Marketing 
17:08 – Acquisition Channels 
17:50 – Measuring the Success of Influencer Marketing
23:56 – Minimizing Churn 
29:43 – Conversion Rate Optimization  
32:31 – How to get Surf Shop Box’s message Across to Customers 
33:29 – Possible Rebrand of Surf Shop Box 
36:22 – Key Take Away
39:47 – Outro

Featured Guests

Kyle Tighe | Co-Founder and CEO of Surf Shop Box

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