Ep 30: Growing Your Email List with the Hustle’s Sam Parr


Growing Your Email List with the Hustle's Sam Parr

In Episode 30, Sam Parr, Founder and CEO of The Hustle, shares his expertise on marketing a brand to a specific audience.

Sam Parr starts off by discussing what The Hustle is all about, and the ways he is looking towards expanding his brand. He shares his experience building this company from scratch, and how to better engage an already established audience.

Sam shares his insights on growing The Hustle’s email list and discusses the importance of knowing one's numbers in order to operate efficiently. He speaks about unusual findings regarding the behavior of subscribers, as well as the process of extending content that is true and pleasing to its audience. Tyler and Sam continue the conversation about the topic of training methods and how the ultimate key to success is hiring talented people.

Later, Sam discusses the criteria for choosing brand partnerships and why some are proven to be more successful than others. He shares The Hustle’s goal of reaching one million subscribers in this upcoming year, as well as launching a handful of subscription products in order to build the next great media company.

Sam concludes the conversation by providing his key advice for marketing leaders, which is to write as one speaks, and not overthink their writing.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Sam in this conversation on all things The Hustle, and how to expand one's email list.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
02:59 – What’s In the News | Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook
17:19 – Featured Guests Intro | Sam Parr
17:28 – The Hustle
18:19 – How the Hustle is Expanding
19:34 – The Hustle’s Big Break
21:10 – Growing Your Email List
23:20 – Unusual Subscriber Behavior
25:02 – Specific Training Method
28:03 – Brand Partnerships
29:37 – Tips For Creating Engaging Content
32:37 – Marketing Opportunities
36:37 – What’s Next For The Hustle
37:15 – Key Take Away
40:23 – Outro

Featured Guests

Sam Parr | Founder and CEO of The Hustle

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