Ep 31: Oren Klaff Teaches Us How to Pitch Anything


Oren Klaff Teaches Us How to Pitch Anything

In Episode 31, Oren Klaff, Managing Director of Intersection Capital and Author of the book, Pitch Anything, joins Tyler to discuss the tips and tricks to a successful Sales Pitch.

Oren starts us off by discussing the premise behind his book, Pitch Anything, and his past experiences dealing with tough selling situations. He shares his experience working with ad agencies and how they often find themselves in a position of supplication. Oren explains the importance of understanding the three structural pieces of the brain and how to get information across successfully when pitching a project.

Tyler and Oren continue to discuss Pitch Anything and the art of framing, and how to apply these to any product, service, or idea. He also talks about the stacking of Frames and how they can be used together to greatly improve one’s chances in closing a deal. Oren shares common mistakes when pitching, and gives insight on how he himself prepares for a pitch. Tyler and Oren also cover how to maintain Alpha status while using your own voice and personality.

Oren ends the conversation by giving his key takeaway for listeners, which is simply that neediness kills deals.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Oren in this conversation on Pitch Anything and how to frame oneself in a position of power.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:37 – What’s in the News | Starbucks
11:24 – Featured Guest Intro | Oren Klaff
12:50 – About Pitch Anything
14:57 – Pitching and Ad Agencies
21:00 – Business Development Approaches
24:43 – Pitching Information through the Three Levels of the Brain
31:04 – Art of Framing
40:00 – Frame Stacking
43:35 – Common Pitch Mistakes
45:55 – Preparing for a Pitch
47:17 – Tips for Salvaging a Pitch
52:00 – How to Moving Forward After the Initial Yes
56:40 – Maintaining Alpha Status
1:01:00 – Marketing Leaders and Oren’s Techniques
1:04:24 – Oren Klaff’s New Book
1:05:32 – Key Takeaway
1:06:27 - Outro

Featured Guests

Oren Klaff |Managing Director of Intersection Capital and Author

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