Ep 32: Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising Agency with Karl Sakas


Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising Agency with Karl Sakas

In Episode 32, Karl Sakas, President of Sakas and Company, shares his knowledge on marketing agencies and client relationships.

Karl starts off by talking about the different ways agencies fail their clients and vise versa. He discusses the various types of questions Marketing Leaders should be asking, as well as what an ideal case study looks like when utilizing the S-T-A-R framework. He shares his expertise as an agency consultant and emphasizes the importance of maintaining an effective procedure when it comes to budget and keeping the client updated. He goes on to discuss the three different agency pricing models and how it ultimately comes down to the client’s budget, confidence, and desired result.

Tyler and Karl continue the conversation by discussing the common trends seen in successful agencies. Karl talks about the onboarding process for new clients and how to utilize a pre-kick off survey to gain a better understanding of their expectations and what they are trying to accomplish. He goes on to talk about the ways to be a good client and partner. Karl shares his tips on growing an agency and the importance of recognizing that successful strategies vary based on the number of clients involved.

Karl ends the conversation by giving his key advice on leading an agency or marketing team, which is to focus on making yourself needed but not necessary.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Karl in this conversation on agency and client relationships.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:52 - What’s in the News | GDPR
12:53 - Featured Guest Intro | Karl Sakas
13:17 - Where Agencies are Failing their Clients
14:05 - How Clients are Failing their Agencies
15:12 - Types of Questions to Ask
16:17 - Ideal Case Study
17:50 - Red Flags When Talking to Agencies
19:17 - Agency Pricing Models
21:17 - Successful Trends in Agencies
22:55 - Onboarding Process for an Agency
25:16 - How to be Better Clients
27:02 - Time to Cut Ties
28:52 - Abandoning the RFP
33:43 - When a Client Should Use an Agency
38:23 - Tips on Growing an Agency
41:45 - Steps When Starting an Agency
44:25 - Agencies and Underpricing
46:32 - Blood & Sand Cocktail
48:31 - Key Take Away
49:57 - Outro 

Featured Guests

Karl Sakas | Sakas & Company
President & Executive Coach

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