Ep 33: Adobe Acquires Magento with Kalen Jordan


Adobe Acquires Magento with Kalen Jordan of Commerce Hero

In Episode 33, Kalen Jordan, the Founder of Commerce Hero and host of the Mage Talk Podcast, talks about all things E-Commerce and the recent news of the acquisition of Magento by Adobe.

Kalen begins by giving his thoughts on the acquisition from the top down and shares some of his knowledge around Adobe's purchase of Magento and the ecosystem that comes with it. He and Tyler discuss Adobe providing what looks to be a permanent home for the Magento product and its community hundreds of thousands of developers, agencies, and merchants.

Tyler and Kalen continue to discuss Magento and the future possibilities it has within the Adobe family. They speak on how this move could effect new and current clients, and what new innovations Adobe might have in store for Magento. Kalen also shares his advice for merchants who are looking to re-platform this year and discusses the process he uses when hiring a new developer- it involves goats!

Join Tyler and Kalen in this special edition of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast on all things Magento and Adobe and how the acquisition affects the eCommerce industry.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Featured Guest Intro | Kalen Jordan
02:01 – Acquisition of Magento by Adobe
05:46 – Effects of the Merger
10:58 – Future of Magento
15:44 – Advice for Merchants Looking to Re-Platform
20:07 – What to look for in a Developer
21:01 – Hiring Great Talent 
23:06 – IRCE 
27:07 – Should You Keep Development Work In-House or Outsource It? 
32:00 – MageTalk Podcast
33:16 - Outro 

Featured Guests

Kalen Jordan | Founder of Commerce Hero and host of the Mage Talk Podcast

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