Ep 37: Organizational Health for Your Marketing Team | Patrick Lencioni


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In Episode 37, Patrick Lencioni, a New York Times Best Selling Author and President of the Table Group, joins Tyler in an exciting conversation around Organizational Health, leadership, and the importance of communication within marketing teams.

Patrick starts off by giving a brief background on his start in Organization Health and how The Table Group came to be. He shares his experiences building personal and organizational brands, explaining how simplicity and consistency allowed for it to develop over time. He and Tyler also discuss the three characteristics marketing leaders need to consider when hiring, as well as interview tips and potential questions to use when conducting  an interview. He goes on to discuss the importance self-awareness and how to break down silos within marketing teams by rallying to achieve a common goal.

Tyler and Patrick go on to discuss Patrick’s book, Death by Meeting, and how marketing leaders can leverage meetings to make their teams more effective. He also talks about the importance of a company’s core values and how employees must fit these values in order to maintain a healthy culture.  Patrick also shares his counter-cultural approach to great customer service and gives marketing leaders advice on how to build better teams by using creative honesty when hiring.

Patrick ends the conversation by advising listeners to be vulnerable and unafraid to ask for help.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Patrick in this conversation on Organizational Health in the Marketing Industry.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – What’s In the News | Facebook Pages
11:08 – Featured Guest Intro | Patrick Lencioni
11:34 – Patrick’s Background in Organizational Health
13:50 – The Table Group
14:36 – Building A Personal and Organizational Brand
17:03 – The Ideal Team Player: 3 Characteristics to Look at When Hiring
13:32 – Interviewing Tips and Questions
23:19 – Coaching Teammates Weak Spots
24:25 – Reference Checks
26:41 – Breaking Down Silos
31:50 – Death by Meeting: Leveraging Meeting Principles
36:03 – Maintaining a Healthy Culture
38:54 – Standing Out from other Marketing Leaders 
43:08 – Great Customer Service
51:03 – Patrick’s Future Projects
52:40 – UnConference
54:45 – Key Take Away
56:44 – Outro

Featured Guests

Patrick Lencioni
Whats in the News 

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