EP 38: Global Retail Strategy | Phil Leahy


Global Retail Strategy featuring Phil Leahy

In episode 38, Tyler talks with Phil Leahy, the founder and CEO of Retail Global, a conference and exhibition designed to help online retailers sell more on marketplaces and find opportunities internationally. In this conversation, Phil explains how to be adaptable in the rapidly changing e-commerce environment.

Phil starts by talking about his beginnings as a seller on Ebay, and how his connection with other online sellers led him to Retail Global. He then compares Australian and American markets, detailing how Amazon is transforming the eCommerce landscape. While he notes that Amazon is a powerful platform for retailers, he stresses the importance of having a presence internationally across multiple platforms. Phil and Tyler go on to discuss the emergence of blockchain technologies and their possible implications on the future of marketing.

Finally, Phil talks about the upcoming Retail Global conference, advising listeners to take time away from their business to meet with others in their industry, adding that you should never be scared to be in the same room as your competitors.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Phil in this conversation on adapting to the turbulent world of e-commerce marketing.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Patrick in this conversation on Organizational Health in the Marketing Industry.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:01 - What’s in the News | Google & Search Proximity
12:33 - Featured Guest Intro | Phil Leahy
12:50 - What is Retail Global?
13:38 - Phil’s Background
14:38 - American vs. Australian Market
15:46 - Amazon vs. Ebay | How Marketers Can Take Advantage of the Ebay Platform
17:06 - Taking a Long Term Approach to Testing Platforms
18:17 - Australian Adjustment to Amazon Market
20:11 - Marketing Trends
22:26 - Withstanding Fluctuating Exchange Rates
23:15 - Difficulties Facing Marketers
24:18 - Missed Opportunities in E-Commerce
25:34 - Blockchain Technology | Insights & Opportunities
28:13 - Retail Global
30:53 - Key Takeaway
33:40 - Outro

Featured Guests

Phil Leahy

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