EP 39: Video Marketing with Shootsta | Chad Lakin


Video Marketing with Shootsta's Chad Lakin

In Episode 39, Tyler and Andy start off by discussing Nike's new campaign with Collin Kaepernick and the brand strategy behind it. Then, Chad Lakin, the VP of Shootsta North America, shares his insights about what marketers can do to get the most value out of their video content, and how brands can position themselves to be successful in a B2B space.

Chad talks about why Shootsta was created: as a solution to businesses looking to create a high volume of quality videos at a low cost. He says that the previous model of video content creation, involving large production teams, high costs, and long post-production periods, is no longer viable in today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape. Instead, due to the expectation of brands to create a much higher volume of short-form content for social media platforms, Chad advises companies to shift their focus onto story and authenticity.

Throughout his talk with Tyler, Chad gives various tips on different types of videos for different platforms, including live video tips for Facebook and strategy for long form and short form content. Ultimately though, he urges brands to be thoughtful about where their content will be and what message they want to convey, and to personalize videos for the audience they are trying to reach. He leaves listeners with the advice that video does not have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Chad in this conversation about video marketing best practices.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - What’s in the News | Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad
13:51 - Featured Guest Intro | Chad Lakin
14:09 - What is Shootsta?
15:04 - Staying Agile with Fast Video Content Turnaround
16:03 - Great vs. Average Video Content
17:58 - Planning and Producing Videos
19:14 - How to Prepare for a Shoot
20:25 - Mistakes Marketers Make when Shooting Video
21:13 - Importance of Native Video on Social Media Platforms
22:08 - Tips for Live Video
24:39 - Planning for Long Form & Short Form Content
26:47 - Making the Most out of Smartphone Video
28:15 - Missed Opportunities in Video Marketing
28:49 - Getting Started with Video Content Creation
30:42 - How Much Should My Video Cost?
32:34 - Shootsta Background | Growing Your Brand
36:22 - Setting Yourself Apart in the B2B Space
37:15 - Key Takeaway
40:09 - Outro

Featured Guests

Chad Lakin

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