EP 40: Programmatic Tips & Tricks | Justin Hipps


Programmatic Tips & Tricks with Justin Hipps

To lead off the episode, Tyler and Andy talk big data and how marketers can use customer data to make more appealing offers. Then Justin Hipps, Vice President of Email, Programmatic, and Digital Strategy at HealthLink Dimensions joins the podcast.

Justin starts by describing HealthLink Dimensions, a data communications company in the health and pharmaceutical space, as well as how his unique background in psychology has led him to marketing. Then, the conversation shifts to programmatic advertising. Justin argues that the key to successful programmatic advertising is collecting good data and putting that to use with experienced people that can communicate effectively.

Tyler and Justin go on to talk about the best strategies for diving into programmatic, namely whether marketers should tackle the discipline in-house or whether they should work with partners. Justin advises marketers to not be afraid of trusting a strong partner. More importantly though, he urges marketers to be active in learning about their industries and customers, and to use that knowledge to inform their decisions about how to best execute their campaigns. Tyler adds that marketers should always be asking great questions to others in their industry.

Justin then shares his preferences when it comes to programmatic software and leaves listeners with the advice to keep the narrative and story close to their hearts, and to be passionate about their work.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Chad in this conversation about video marketing best practices.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:54 - What’s in the News | Sales Force Universal Customer IDs
08:05 - Putting Together a Strong Offer Using Big Data
13:20 - Featured Guest Intro | Justin Hipps
13:44 - What is HealthLink Dimensions?
14:57 - Justin’s Role & Background
20:05 - Diving into Programmatic Advertising
24:52 - Timeline for Successful Programmatic Campaigns
27:26 - What Marketers Should Know Before Diving into Programmatic Advertising
29:52 - In House vs. Partnering with an Agency
38:48 - Programmatic Ad Software
40:41 - Key Takeaway
43:06 - Outro

Featured Guests

Justin Hipps

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