EP 41: Avocados from Mexico’s Digital Marketing | Ivonne Kinser

Avocados from Mexico's Ivonne Kinser

Avocados from Mexico's Digital Marketing with Ivonne Kinser

In Episode 41, Tyler talks with Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing at Avocados from Mexico. Ivonne has won numerous awards for her work, and in this episode she shares insight about how marketers can organize their teams and use data and technology to enhance their digital marketing campaigns. But first, Tyler and Andy talk about Facebook Stories and how they are rapidly becoming a key medium for advertising. The marketing gurus advise marketers to be purposeful and creative with their stories.

Then, Tyler introduces Ivonne, and they discuss how advertisers can take advantage of AI and machine learning in their campaigns. Ivonne mentions that Avocados from Mexico uses both of these technologies to gain insight about customers as well as to communicate with them via chat bots.

That leads the pair into a discussion about Ivonne’s team's successful Super Bowl Ad campaigns. She states that in advertising—especially for the Super Bowl—marketers often get distracted by new “shiny objects,” or new technologies. She stresses the importance of staying focused on your goals to ensure that the technology does not distract from the message you're trying to convey. Tyler and Ivonne then discuss how Avocados from Mexico structures their team, detailing their creative processes, their strategic partnerships, and how they are able to manage the various moving parts to create unified campaigns. Finally, Ivonne leaves listeners with a key takeaway that in marketing you only have two options: to disrupt, or to be disrupted.

Join Tyler, Andy, and Ivonne in this discussion on how to build cohesive data and analytics ecosystems for more engaging advertising campaigns.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:51 - What’s in the News | Facebook Stories as the Future for Advertising
09:42 - Featured Guest Intro | Ivonne Kinser
11:15 - Ivonne’s History with Avocados from Mexico
13:23 - Utilizing AI in Marketing
17:02 - Marketing Strategy & Tracking Success when Not Selling Directly to Consumers
24:14 - Super Bowl Campaign Strategy
28:40 - Creative Process Behind Digital Campaigns
32:30 - Effective Team Size and Structure
38:48 - How to Manage a Team with Multiple Partners
42:02 - Marketing Challenges | Building a Data and Analytics Ecosystem
44:22 - Building Strategic Partnerships | Breaking Down Walls Between Digital and Brick & Mortar
47:33 - Coordinating the Moving Parts on the Team
48:57 - Avocado Industry Competition vs. Cooperation
51:39 - Targeting Different Demographics
55:05 - Key Takeaway
56:25 - Outro

Featured Guests

Ivonne Kinser
Avocados from Mexico 2018 Super Bowl Ad

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