EP 42: Finding NEMO’s Brand | Kate Paine


Finding NEMO's Brand with Kate Paine

In Episode 42, Tyler talks with Kate Paine, VP of Marketing at Nemo Equipment. In this discussion, Kate dives into Nemo’s rebranding process, from creating a strong team to implementation of brand strategies. Along the way, she gives great advice to marketers that are trying to create or maintain a strong brand.

Before getting into the interview, Tyler talks about how Facebook and Instagram are expanding their analytics. He says that this is great news for marketers for obvious reasons, but again comes back to the idea that data is useless without meaningful strategy on how to utilize that data.

After talking news, Tyler introduces his guest Kate and they begin the interview by talking about Nemo and its philosophy of ensuring that everything they bring to market is offering a different experience than what already exists. This culture of innovation, as Kate explains, is what provided the backbone for Nemo’s rebrand.

Additionally, Kate mentioned that Nemo went to an agency to help them in their process, which she said was admittedly hard for a team of designers to do. To that point, she stressed the importance of knowing yourself as a company—your strengths and your weaknesses—so you can understand when to tackle something in-house versus when to outsource. Tyler added that it can be extremely helpful to get outside perspectives on your work to ensure that it will be well-received.

Then, Kate talks covers the similarities and differences of marketing in different industries. Finally, Kate leaves listeners with the advice of being mindful of your work and taking time to schedule out your week, your month, and your long-term goals.

Join Tyler and Kate in this insightful conversation about all things branding.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - What’s in the News | Enhanced Facebook and Instagram Analytics
03:29 - Featured Guest Intro | Kate Paine
03:58 - What is Nemo?
05:25 - Nemo's Rebrand
07:22 - How Nemo Made Branding Decisions
10:11 - Exercises to Help Find Your Brand
19:51 - In House vs. Outside Agency
24:44 - What's Working for Nemo?
27:20 - Biggest Marketing Challenges
28:40 - Comparing Sweets & Snacks to Outdoor Marketing
30:34 - Key Takeaway
35:47 - Outro

Featured Guests

Kate Paine


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