EP 43: Instagram Marketing | Jenn Herman


Instagram Marketing with Jenn Herman

In episode 43, Tyler talks with Jenn Herman, one of the top 10 social media bloggers in the world. Jenn shares her insight about all things Instagram, advising listeners about common mistakes and missed opportunities when it comes to marketing on social media.

Before introducing Jenn, Tyler brings on a different Jen—Jen Silard of Fidelitas— to discuss Instagram news, namely the new product tagging features. Tyler urges businesses to utilize these new tools to increase their ROI on creative social content.

After Tyler introduces Jenn, they get into her background as a social media blogger and how she has come to build her personal brand. She makes the point that her brand is just her being herself, and advises businesses to bring the same authenticity to their brands.

Tyler and Jenn then transition into talking about what is and isn’t working in regards to Instagram marketing. Jenn says that most people think posting as much as possible will engage more users, but points out that the opposite is actually true due to Instagram’s algorithms. People should focus much more on quality over quantity to ensure they are getting the most engagement. She also dives into other missed opportunities for marketers, such as creating an engaging bio, live video and stories, and making use of the analytics and tools offered by a business account.

Jenn shares even more tips and tricks on best practices for marketing on Instagram, but ultimately leaves listeners with one simple piece of advice: have fun. Social media was made to be fun, and people go on social media to interact with other people like them. If businesses can have fun and be authentic, people will want to interact with them and engage with their content.

Join Tyler, Jen, and Jenn in this discussion on all things Instagram and social media marketing.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:15 - What’s in the News | Instagram Product Tags
04:05 - Featured Guest Intro | Jenn Herman
04:31 - Jenn’s Background
07:00 - Building Jenn’s Personal Brand
08:32 - What’s Working on Instagram Now
11:17 - Should You Convert Your Instagram Account to a Business Account?
15:19 - Mistakes Marketers Make on Instagram
17:55 - Which Social Channels Does Your Business Need?
19:23 - Emerging Social Platforms for Marketers
21:55 - Biggest Opportunities for Social Media Marketers
25:18 - Building a Social Media Audience from Scratch
27:56 - Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies
29:56 - Key Takeaway
31:40 - Outro

Featured Guests

Jenn Herman


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