EP 46: 2019 Marketing Trends and Personalized Marketing | Brett Podolsky


2019 Marketing Trends and Personalized Marketing with Brett Podolsky

In episode 46 of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler breaks in the new Fidelitas Studio (read: better audio, finally!) and talks with Brett Podolsky, Co-Founder of The Farmer’s Dog, a subscription-based pet health food company.

Before the interview, Tyler and Jen look ahead to 2019 and discuss the big trends in marketing, namely social commerce, chat bots, 5G internet, influencer marketing, and voice search. Tyler and Jen forecast a lot of opportunity in each of these areas, advising marketing leaders to find creative ways to explore these different opportunities for impact.

After reviewing marketing trends for 2019, Tyler brings on Brett to discuss his background and his work growing the Farmer’s Dog brand from scratch in a crowded industry. Brett got his start as a stand-up comedian, and he says that his desire to make people happy is what brought him to start The Farmer’s Dog. He always keeps this in mind as he strives to provide customers with great experiences and healthier pets.

As Brett dives into his team’s marketing strategy, he places a huge emphasis on the customers. The Farmer's Dog takes the customer experience to a rarely-matched level for subscription services, providing food that is personalized for each individual dog, correctly portioned, always delivered on time, and keeps dogs healthy.

Finally, Brett leaves listeners with a final piece of advice, to work hard and stay patient, because big successes don’t happen overnight.

Join Tyler, Jen, and Brett in this discussion on all things pet food and personalized marketing.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - What’s in the News | Top 2019 Trends
08:38 - Featured Guest | Brett Podolsky
08:54 - What is The Farmer’s Dog
12:25 - Brett’s Background
22:41 - Marketing Channels
24:13 - Targeting Wide Customer Demographics
27:42 - Personalized Marketing Tactics
30:15 - The Farmer’s Dog’s New York Pop-up Store
31:08 - Strategic Partnerships
32:02 - Brett’s Marketing Team
32:42 - How to Combat Churn
33:30 - Biggest Challenges
34:48 - Key Takeaway
36:39 - Outro

Featured Guests

Brett Podolsky


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