EP 47: Building Content Strategies | Marie Daland


Building Content Strategies with Marie Daland

In Episode 47 of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler talks with Marie Daland, Marketing Communications Manager at American Council on Exercise.

Before the interview, Tyler and Jen discuss Spotify’s recent acquisition of two media companies, Anchor and Gimlet Media. Tyler and Jen forecast a lot of opportunity in this purchase as advertisers will have better access to targeting listeners through various podcasts.

After reviewing Spotify's acquisition activity, Tyler and Marie discuss her background in managing various forms of online content through the American Council on Exercise.

As Marie dives into her team’s content strategy, she reveals a huge emphasis on their audience and current trends. Marie acknowledges that every industry has content strategy shifts throughout different seasons, so content producers must be aware of these shifts and create a relevant content plan.

Finally, Marie leaves listeners with a final piece of advice: know your audience and create a persona to create richer, more relevant content.

Join Tyler, Jen, and Marie in this discussion on building creative content and integrating this strategy across numerous channels.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - What’s in the News | Spotify Acquires Gimlet Media, Anchor
06:45 - Featured Guest | Marie Daland
07:15 - Role at American Council on Exercise
08:34 - Building Content Strategy
10:15 - Cutting Through the Noise with Creative Content
13:20 - How Does Content Strategy Shift Through Different Seasons?
17:40 - Mistakes Others are Making When Producing Content
21:26 - Integrating your Content Strategy Across Other Channels
23:37 - What Metrics to Use to Determine Content Marketing Success
25:26 - Advice for Newcomers
32:10 - Key Takeaway
33:32 - Outro

Featured Guests

Marie Daland


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