EP 48: Cleaning Up Your Marketing | Christina Volgyesi


Cleaning Up Your Marketing with Christina Volgyesi

In episode 48 of Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jen cover some of the hottest controversies in the influencer marketing space. Then Tyler speaks with Christina Volgyesi, Director of Marketing at Dr. Bronner’s, a global leader of socially and environmentally responsible soap, hair, and body care products.

Before the interview, Tyler and Jen discuss the changes and challenges in the “age of the influencer marketing”. They take a look at one of the recent influencer marketing controversies regarding Brittany Dawn Fitness and the challenges with influencers entering the business field. Tyler and Jen advise taking caution when working with influencers and the importance of strong client-influencer communication.

Then Tyler speaks with Christina about the history of Dr. Bronner’s and their impact in the growing market of organic and socially responsible products. Dr. Bronner’s is rooted in the foundation of their “Peace Plan.” They've continued to use their influence to impact the world for good, using their 6 cosmic principles as a guide in all their endeavors, including marketing.

With Christina discussing the origin and founding principles at Dr. Bronner’s, she also dives into their evolution as they expand their impact and partner with various charitable organizations and causes. She touches on Dr. Bronner’s unique approach to its online and brick-and-mortar presence, the challenges that come with prioritizing the various charity and campaign messages, and the growing market of organic and health-oriented consumers.

Finally, Christina signs off with her final piece of advice, to make sure marketing leaders are authentic in the actions they take, stories they tell, and messages they send, because at the end of the day, long-term brand loyalty is rooted in authenticity.

Join Tyler, Jen, and Christina in their conversation about authenticity and transparency in the evolving world of marketing.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - What’s in the News
06:30 - Featured Guest | Christina Volgyesi
07:02 - What is Doctor Bronner's Soap?
10:35 - Growing Competition In Niche Markets
12:35 - Brand Support for Retailers
14:30 - Marketing Campaigns
17:45 - Brand Experience
22:00 - Collaboration
24:00 - Marketing Challenges
26:40 - Key Takeaway
27:14 - Outro

Featured Guests

Christina Volgyesi


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