EP 50: Making an Efficient and Effective Charity | Raymond St. Martin


Making an Efficient and Effective Charity | Raymond St. Martin

In episode 50 of Lion’s Share Podcast, Tyler and Jen discuss the big changes to Google’s program media buying methodology. Tyler talks with Raymond St. Martin, Executive Director at Big League Impact, the official charity partner of Yahoo Sports. They team up with professional athletes from teams across the nation to raise money for great charities and causes that make a difference in the communities they're apart of.

Before the interview, Tyler and Jen discuss Google’s announcement of the changes to their program media buying methodology, moving from a second-price to a first-price auction model. They talk about the mixed reactions to be expected and the changes this switch brings in terms of budgeting for companies of all sizes.

Later, Tyler speaks with Raymond about Big League Impact’s origins and how it has grown to become Yahoo Sports’ nonprofit partner. From its humble beginning as an idea from professional baseball player and founder Adam Wainwright, Raymond speaks about how he joined the team to help make its charity and fundraising more efficient and effective.

Raymond discusses his personal transition from agency to nonprofit work, as well as what it takes to create strategic partnerships with companies like Yahoo. He then gives advice on how to sustainably scale a brand and the technology to be on the watch for that can possibly take everyone’s marketing to the next level.

Finally, Raymond leaves us with a final piece of advice about discovering your unique knowledge and tools to using it- with conviction, authenticity, and the will to help others.

Join Tyler, Jen, and Raymond in their talk about revolutionizing giving back.

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
02:29 - What’s in the News
08:30 - Featured Guest | Raymond St. Martin
11:40 - About Big League Impact
14:25 - Making an Efficient and Effective Charity
20:15 - Advice for Creating Strategic Partnerships
23:20 - Yahoo’s Million-Dollar March Madness Contest
28:04 - Making a Big Campaign Sustainable
31:31 - Biggest Challenges in Scaling the Brand
34:42 - Running an Agency VS Running a National Nonprofit
36:23 - Most Underutilized Marketing Tool
38:31 - The Next Big Thing in Emerging Technologies
43:23 - Key Takeaway
37:57 - Outro

Featured Guests

Raymond St. Martin


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