Homerun eCommerce Strategies with Dugout Mugs – EP 101


Homerun eCommerce Strategies with Dugout Mugs

In Episode 101 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss shoppable commerce and the influence that in-app purchases have on gaining customers. They explain how the ads that include in-app purchases have the unique ability to draw in impulse buyers by eliminating the typical steps of eCommerce journey to purchase.

Then Tyler introduces Nate Lagos, Chief Marketing Officer at Dugout Mugs. Nate explains his role at the company, as well as the company’s origin story unique product offering. He discusses the role that Facebook ads have played in their success and growth, as well as the overall role Facebook plays in supporting the small business community.

Leading up to the holiday season, Tyler and Nate discuss what Black Friday and Cyber Monday will look like for both large and small companies as well as Dugout Mugs specifically. In addition, Nate touches on the balance of discounting and sales and how to find the sweet spot for customer incentives and company profitablity.

Nate ends the podcast by providing listeners with a quote, “Fail fast and fall forward.” He suggests that marketing leaders allow projects and ideas to fail, and to move forward trying new tactics instead of continuing to push a failed idea.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Nate to gain better insight into the role Facebook advertising plays into small business growth and how to change marketing strategies during the pandemic.

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00:00 - Intro
01:05 -What’s in the News: Shoppable Commerce with Instagram
09:30 - Featured Guest: Nate Lagos
10:05 -Dugout Mugs
14:16 - Benefits of Becoming an MLB-Licensed Brand
16:25 - Most Important Marketing Channels
18:05 - Tips for Marketing Leaders Around Review Generation
20:43 - Black Friday and Cyber Monday Approach
22:22 - Discounted Brands Debate
25:19 - Dugout Mug’s Biggest Challenges
26:22 - Essential Marketing Tools
27:22 - Email Marketing to Increase Returning Clientele
30:48 - Key Takeaway
32:28 - Outro


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