How the Pandemic Is Influencing the Podcast Industry – EP 102


How the Pandemic Is Influencing the Podcast Industry

In Episode 102 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss Facebook’s new customer relation management startup called Kustomer. The two explain that this investment centralizes customer interactions across Facebook's various platforms into one interaction. This transition will be a seamless transition for customers, providing a more cohesive experience.
Then Tyler introduces Cole Raven, the Co-Founder of Podchaser. Cole explains Podchaser as an IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes for podcasts, so listeners or PR firms can better understand each podcasts’s audience size and discover more niche podcasts. In this podcast, Tyler and Cole talk all about the industry and cover the hit that the podcast industry saw at the beginning of the pandemic, however things began to pick up in the later months and even resulted in record breaking numbers of new podcasts in the summer months.
Cole and Tyler go into depth about the benefits of podcasts and guest appearances for PR strategies and how Podchaser is a useful site to find the best podcast for a specific audience. Podchaser publishes data and information that is not normally available and allows for greater understanding about specific shows. Join Tyler, Jon, and Cole to gain better insight into the role of podcasts in marketing and how to choose the best show for specific brands and messages.
00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - What’s in the News: Facebook Acquires Kustomer
06:14 - Featured Guest: Cole Raven
06:50 - Podchaser Overview
08:12 - How the Pandemic is Affecting the Podcast Industry
11:50 - Brands Investing In Their Own Content
14:17 - Podchaser’s Assistance in Implementing a PR Strategy for Guests
17:02 - What Podcasters Should Pay Attention To
18:21 - How PR Companies Can Better Pitch Podcasts Guest Appearances
21:12 - Tips for Starting a Podcast
24:17 - Agency Success on Podchaser
27:41 - Missed Opportunities for Marketing Leaders
29:10 - Key Takeaway
30:04 - Cole Raven Socials
30:22 - Outro


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