Last Mile Fulfillment Strategies with Brittain Ladd – EP 103

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Last Mile Fulfillment Strategies with Brittain Ladd

In Episode 103 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss TikTok & Samsung’s recent partnership in which you can now stream and navigate through the app on your Samsung Smart TV in Europe. They go on to explain that Samsung is trying to capitalize on TikTok’s success by allowing its users to experience the already addicting app on a larger screen. Marketers now have a huge opportunity (literally!) to leverage their TikTok ads on TV.

Then Tyler introduces Brittain Ladd, Chief Marketing Officer & Supply Chain Manager for Pulse Integration. Pulse Integration leverages different types of technologies to help companies with Micro-Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment, Grocery Fulfillment, and more. Brittain explains that his role is to provide consulting to retailers and help them identify their optimal strategy. In this podcast, the two go in-depth on Last Mile Fulfillment strategies and how companies need to implement a new business model to align with the shift in consumer behavior.

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00:00 - Intro
00:55 - What’s in the news: TikTok & Samsung’s Partnership
06:12 – Featured Guest: Brittain Ladd
06:35 – Pulse Integration
07:55 – Last Mile Delivery
10:20 – Brands Battling for Last Mile Supremacy
12:15 – Challenges for Major Retailers
16:43 – The Rise of Social Commerce
26:33 – eCommerce Demand Planning
29:50 – Inventory Mistakes Companies are Making
31:23 – Opportunities for eCommerce Brands
33:43 – Black Friday & Cyber Monday Debrief
35:20 – Why Differentiation is Important
37:15 – Clicks to Bricks Attribution
38:32 – Key Takeaway
39:32 - Outro


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