Igniting Your Marketing Strategy with Duraflame’s Daniel Moznett – EP 104

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Igniting Your Marketing Strategy with Duraflame's Daniel Moznett

In episode 104 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss their marketing predictions for 2021. The pandemic has inevitably dominated 2020, shaping eCommerce and changing consumer behaviors. Tyler and Jon go on to explain how user experience, personalization, and companies focused on selling health and happiness will continue to grow in importance and succeed in the following year.

Drink in hand, preferably Proper Irish Whiskey or Templeton Rye, Tyler invites guest Daniel Moznett, the Director of Marketing at Duraflame, for a virtual happy hour to discuss marketing strategies. Focused on bringing people together, the company has seen sales triple despite their challenges of having to adapt to an eCommerce strategy in a retail-oriented industry. By honing in on their core customer personas, they adjusted their marketing efforts to focus mainly on customer enablement, how to retain that customer through trust and authenticity, and by building relationships with their customer acquisition channels. Through all these efforts, Duraflame has managed to stay at the top of the mind regardless of the season.

The knowledge-filled and humorous happy hour comes to an end with Tyler and Daniel discussing budget cycles, San Diego State University, and whiskey-inspired dad jokes.

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00:00 - Intro
01:11 - Marketing Predictions for 2021
12:31 - (Happy Hour With) Featured Guest: Daniel Moznett
14:20 - Duraflame Firelogs' Marketing Strategy
17:29 - Listening to Millennials, Honing in on Your Core Customers' Personas
19:23 - Most Important Customer Acquisition Channel
21:50 - Measuring Success Of Marketing Campaigns With Retail Partners
23:04 - What Role Does Retention Marketing Play In A Retail -Oriented Strategy?
25:22 - Getting a Product Onto Retail Shelves
30:02 - How To Stay Top Of Mind With Consumers Regardless of Season
36:07 - Duraflame’s Biggest Challenges
39:07 - Budget Cycles
40:38 - Outro


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