The Pulse of the Ad Industry with American Advertising Federation – EP 105

the pulse of the ad industry

The Pulse of the Ad Industry with American Advertising Federation President Steve Pacheco

In Episode 105 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss disagreements between tech leaders Facebook and Apple regarding Apple’s new privacy changes, as well as its impact on small businesses. They discuss the privacy changes effects on marketers with mobile marketing campaigns and data linked to individuals.

Then Tyler introduces Steve Pacheco, the President and CEO of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Pacheco explains his career path leading him to the AAF and what drove him to his start in the Ad Industry.

Tyler and Steve go on to discuss challenges the pandemic brought for marketing leaders and its effect on the industry. In addition, Tyler and Steve touch on company culture, opportunities, and inefficiencies in the industry. Steve then goes on to explain why the AAF matters and the benefits of membership.

Steve ends the podcast by providing listeners with a key takeaway, that this moment in time will pass and we will come out of it stronger and better prepared to take on what comes next.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Steve to gain better insight to the role of a marketing leader and how to navigate the marketing industry through and after the pandemic.

00:00 - Introduction
03:13 - What’s In The News: Facebook Criticizes Apple’s Privacy Changes
09:02 - Featured Guest: Steve Pacheco
11:02 - Steve's Career Path Leading to the AAF
17:18 - AAF Through the Pandemic
20:30 - Insourcing vs. Outsourcing for Brands
22:50 - Quality Available Talent in the Industry
26:52 - Advice For Young Marketing Leaders
29:17 - Trends in Brand Agency Relationships
31:48 - Biggest Opportunity For Marketing Leaders
36:28 - Industry Challenges Post Pandemic
38:35 - Digital Transformation
43:09 - AAF Membership Benefits
48:02 - Best Agency To Hire
52:18 - Steve's Key Takeaway
59:55 - Outro


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