Effective Retail Marketing Strategies to Adopt with Black Diamond Equipment – EP 106


Effective Retail Marketing Strategies to Adopt with Black Diamond Equipment

In Episode 106 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the start to 2021 and the recent decision from social media channels to ban Donald Trump from their platforms. They delve further into the rights of social media platforms as private companies, and how this fully allows bans and censorship through their terms of service. The two go on to discuss the risks of rented channels versus owned channels, and which is best for building an audience. (Spoiler: the answer is ALWAYS owned channels.)

Then Devin Battersby, the Director of Retail at Black Diamond Equipment, joins the podcast. Devin and Tyler discuss the process of opening a flagship Black Diamond store in Park City, Utah. Devin talks about the importance of integrating community into their stores as a front-facing consumer marketing effort. They then look at how the pandemic has altered retail strategies overall, mainly with identifying key markets and target locations as more people are moving out of big cities. Devin talks about how social distancing policies have affected messaging for the industry at large, specifically for an outdoor activity-oriented company.

The pair also touches on how best to gauge effectiveness of digital campaigns in retail stores, as Devin talks about structuring their marketing team to work side by side with retail to better foster a successful dynamic. They end the podcast with a reminder to marketing leaders to not let the current state of the pandemic determine where they are headed. Join Tyler, Jon, and Devin to gain a better insight into altering retail marketing strategies amidst the pandemic!

00:00 - Introduction
00:53 - What’s in the News: Social Media Bans Trump
12:50 - Featured Guest: Devin Battersby
17:16 - Challenges of Opening Up a New Store During the Pandemic
20:28 - How COVID Impacted Retail Strategies Overall
23:35 - How Social Distancing Affects Company Messaging
28:51 - Devin’s Favorite Marketing Campaigns
30:11 - Gauging Effectiveness of Digital Campaigns
31:44 - Structuring a Marketing Team
32:58 - PR Integration with Retail Strategy
35:13 - Key Takeaway
35:15 - Outro


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