Grooming Your Brand for eCommerce Success with Scotch Porter’s Calvin Quallis – EP 107


Grooming Your Brand for eCommerce Success with Scotch Porter's Calvin Quallis

In Episode 107 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the dispute between Australian Parliament and Google over a recent bill that would require Google to pay publications. The search engine has threatened Australia with pulling their services completely if further negotiations are not held. Tyler and Jon weigh the benefits of maintaining Google services in Australia with the losses the company will have to take if the bill is passed.

Then Tyler introduces Calvin Quallis, the founder of Scotch Porter. Calvin details his journey to the creation of the self-care company rooted in his mother’s own work at a barbershop. Seeing how people felt transformed leaving the shop with their new look really stuck with Calvin.

Tyler and Calvin speak on the importance of both offline and online sales, balancing risk with self-forgiveness, and building emotional relationships with consumers. The two also consider the risks of relying on rented-channel marketing.

Calvin ends the podcast with his key takeaway: be kind to yourself, take more risks, and you can’t pay your way to the top.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Calvin for insight into the relationship between consumers and brands as well as the newest marketing challenges for self-care brands in the pandemic.

00:00 - Introduction
01:11 - What’s In The News: Google Threatens to Pull Search Engine Services in Australia
07:48 - Featured Guest: Calvin Quallis
08:16 - Calvin’s Early Life and Career Path
13:10 - Scotch Porter’s Brand Growth and Development
14:52 - The Unique positioning of Scotch Porter as a holistic self-care brand
16:19 - Essential Marketing Channels for Scotch Porter
17:09 - Vetting Micro-Influencers for Marketing Purposes
18:42 - Biggest Scotch Porter Opportunities in 2021
20:24 - Calvin’s Advice to His Younger Self
22:28 - Greatest Marketing Challenge for Scotch Porter
25:40 - Black Friday Promotions for Scotch Porter
26:52 - Self-care products in the Pandemic
28:15 - Calvin’s Key Takeaway
30:02 - Outro


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