Amazon Business Strategy Insights with Isaac Kuhlman – EP 108


Amazon Business Strategy Insights with Isaac Kuhlman

In Episode 108 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the latest news on Robinhood's brand crisis and how they have been taking a huge beating. In short: Robinhood didn't have a bad crisis communications plan, it just didn't have a plan, period.

Tyler then goes on to introduce Isaac Kuhlman, an Amazon coach. Isaac talks about how he got into the business of working with Amazon and how his strategy comes from taking complicated things and making them simple. Isaac explains his tips and tricks on how to become a successful seller on Amazon, the biggest mistakes sellers make, and what it takes to get those five star reviews.

Isaac shares tips for Amazon marketing and even more advanced strategies to scale to six figure sales numbers and beyond. In addition, Isaac takes us behind the scenes of Amazon merchant support and how to deal with Amazon when you are in dispute with their customer service. Tyler and Isaac also discuss Isaac's favorite software tools for Amazon merchants.

Then Isaac provides his key takeaway of always building a plan and to focus on advertising, ranking, and selling on Amazon.

Join Tyler, Jon and Isaac in this episode on how to grow your brand- and your bottom line- with these top Amazon strategies.

00:00 - Intro
02:07 - What’s in the News: Instagram Professional Dashboard for Creators
07:04 - Featured Guest: Isaac Kuhlman
07:31 - Isaac’s Career Path Leading to Amazon
12:29 - Biggest Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make Today
16:47 - Isaac’s Favorite Review Building Strategies for Amazon Merchants
19:47 - What’s Needed to Scale Businesses on Amazon to Six Figures and Beyond
21:55 - Tips For Marketing and eCommerce Leaders
27:50 - More Advanced Amazon Strategies From Merchants
30:01 - Amazon’s Merchant Support
31:26 - Advice For Merchants Dealing With Amazon
33:36 - Isaac’s Favorite Software Tools For Amazon
35:30 - Key Takeaway
37:50 - Outro


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